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#540 Think ahead, plan ahead, get ahead!

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By Al Hanaan

To begin with, water was a phantoum to the Dutch since the year dot. But now, the Dutch is well-known for subjugating the water. The great 1953 flood disaster was the worst natural disaster in Europe in modern times. It left its mark on the Dutch. History repeats itself. What has happened once is liable to happen again. But give up isn’t nature of the Dutch. The Dutch have decided to put it down to experience.

No sweet without sweat. But there’s the challenge. The Dutch set an example to the world on how to subjugate water.  The Dutch need sophisticated flood control systems. So they built dams, sluices, locks, dikes, and storm surge barriers under the Delta Works project from 1950 to 1997.


The Delta Works

The Delta works are the best and largest megaproject in the world and definitely beautifully sophisticated of Dutch hydraulic engineering. No wonder The DeltaWorks are nicknamed The eighth wonder of the world. Here are some water defence construction under The Delta Works.


The Hollandse Ijssel storm barrier


Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier in the Netherlands


The Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier (The Maeslantkering) in the Netherlands


The Hagestein Weir in the Netherlands

One must draw back in order to leap better. This proverb represents the execution of The Delta Works. The delta works are marvellous projects because of the amount of research that was carried out for it. The Dutchconsidered every aspect and managed to combine both architecture and the ecological impact in great detail with much forethought. All in all the Netherlands are model of high-tech hydraulic solution for subduing water.


 The Erasmus Bridge

The Erasmus Bridge is one of the icons of Rotterdam. Inaugurated by Queen Beatrix on September 6, 1996 as an important connection between the Northern and Southern parts of Rotterdam. This bridge was named after Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, a Dutch origin philosopher, theologian and humanist in Renaissance era. Designed by Ben van Berkel and nicknamed The Swan due to its white colour and the way it stands over the water. The Erasmus Bridge is worth a visit and let the picturesque scene overwhelm you with its charm.


Do you know the legend of a captain and his seven crews in a phantoum ship? As a result of challenging the wrath of God  by swearing a blasphemous oath, they have to sail the ocean for eternity. Guess what? Yup!!! The Flying Dutchman. You know what? It’s just a piece of legend and there’s another non-legend interesting Dutchman. The Floating Dutchman!

It’s neither bus nor boat; it’s amphibious boat. This boat made a splash and became the first spectacular amphibian bus in the world to experience Amsterdam stunningly. The Dutch not only succeed in taming the water but also succeed in turning the bus to float on the water. Get there and experience it yourself!

Well, he who gains time, gains everything. The Dutch, with their pioneer spirit, has proved themselves to set an example of the leading pioneer. Think ahead, plan ahead, get ahead!


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