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#510 Arts Holland: Orange Alert! This is First World Art District!

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By Dinta Rahmawaty

As the pioneer, Dutch have awareness of their own potential. They put attention in art, music, and films as well as they work on science discovery for human prosperity. Netherland had created a lot of masterpieces which are very amazing, although I personally think that we (Indonesian) have more. But, they don’t stop here. Dutch want to be recognized by people around the world. That is why Arts Holland was born since 2008, ‘when tourism meets culture’. An attractive idea of combining culture, tourism, and technologies creates great giant events.


Arts Holland takes place in 4 big cities of Netherland, those are: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. It offers unique experience to enjoy Dutch arts, heritage, museums, design, fashion, theatre and more. At particular time, visitors can see a live show of artists create drawings, such as depicting the cityscapes of the four cities.

One of must-see art destination is Van-Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. There are placed largest collection pieces by Vincent Van Gogh, a greatest painter in European art-history. His paintings and drawings are the best, the most famous, and the most expensive art-work in the world. Besides the paintings, Van Gogh’s art-development is also interesting to be known. So, there was a special exhibition in March 2013 that arranged Van Gogh’s drawings chronologically, from Van Gogh’s first ambitious drawings in The Hague, when he focused on figures and landscapes, through his impressive landscape drawings in Nuenen, to his Paris water colours paintings. (Holland.com, 2013).

Next, Rotterdam is a perfect destination to learn great architectural. After destroyed in World War II, this city was rebuilt and transformed to the new city which create phenomenal of innovative and inspiring architecture. For instances,  Kubuswoningen (cubic house) which is placed upon overpass, Witte Huis (First skyscraper in Europe), Euromast tower, and Chabot Museum (Charming Modernist villa and Expressionist Art) (artsholland.com).

Third is The Hague, capital city of Netherland. The Hague is seat of the Govenrmnent, parliament, and other governmental functions. But, The Hague will not lose their artistic. This royal gem offers new light through the historical buildings, museums, and galleries show, ranging from Binnenhof as Dutch parliament until CaDance Festival (artsholland.com).

And the last is Utrecht, the cultural treasure of Netherland. Here is the most various kind of art-work made. Not only art and designs museum, there are also music and film festival. Spring Performing Arts festival becomes must-see festival. Performing Arts Festival is an international festival for the most innovative dance, theatre and performing arts in this beating heart city of Holland. All of the festivals will be completed by special light shows (artsholland.com).


We can imagine how beautiful and spectacular the Art Holland is. It is created gravely by cooperating between professionals to make the tremendous project. Netherland really want to be destination for all people in the world to get pleasure by delight in the richest and the best art and culture in the world. So, don’t you attracted to explore and show up your own culture?




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