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#504 DUTCH : Design, Urban, Technology, Culture, Holticulture

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By Tiara Mahardika

When I think about the Netherlands and try to imagine the awesome things there, I found that this country is not only good in just one thing. The Netherlands is one of the successful countries in the world that can survive from many disasters, changing time, and modernism.
Let’s draw it into some parts.
1) Design
The Netherlands is a country of designers. We can see from many architectures in every corner of the country, starting from Amsterdam, Volendam, Rotterdam, etc. This country still keeps its old fashioned architectures when many of the citizens design a modern and unique design and concept for its living home. Dutch design also embodies innovation and creativity; the things to be inspired all over the world.
Architecture in Amsterdam
2) Urban
Urban living in the Netherlands is rather different than urban living in the other countries in the world. Its capital city, Amsterdam, is the city of cycling. It’s like the breathing art to be followed.
Cycling in Amsterdam
3) Technology
Dutch is known for its water technology. In the past, the only place to live in Netherlands were in the East and South area. More than 2/3 mainland of this country was prone to flooding. Dutch then innovated to make windmill and polders. It was the greatest discoveries to save and survive from the disaster they used to face that day. Now, the windmills and polders have been developed to many countries like USA, Belgium, France, etc.
Kinderdjik (Windmill)
4) Culture
In Netherlands, the culture is their cheese. To say that cheese is synonymous with Alkmaar is something of understatement. It’s world famous for its cheese market, which is held every Friday between April and September. To be a country that keeps its culture is another dutch pioneering these days.
Alkmaar traditional cheese market
5) Holticulture
Who don’t know about Tulip? We used to think that Tulip is a flower from Netherlands. Actually, it isn’t. Tulip is a flower from Turkey and Iran. So, how can the Netherlands today is known as the Tulip country? Well,  there is the biggest garden flower full of many variety of Tulip in the Netherlands. It’s called Keukenhof. By holticulture technology in the Netherlands, now there are so many variety of Tulip. It was only orange, but now.. as far as the tourists who visit Keukenhof can see the garden of rainbow Tulip. Dutch horticultural industry is a global trendsetter supplying market all over the world.
There are many surprising things in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has been a pioneer from those five sector; in design, urban, technology, culture, and also holticulture. For a developing country like Indonesia, it’s not too late to run to be like Netherlands. It’s a great refection to developing countries anyway.

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