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#503 Fly me to the Mars

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ByTiara Mahardika 

When I was young, there was a lesson that has caught my attention. I was in the 4th grade of elementary school when my teacher talked about the galaxy. Our galaxy, named Bima Sakti, is the result of a Big Bang tragedy million years ago. As all the things about space has turned to be my favorite, I started to study and remember as much as I’ve read in the books about it. I know about Mercury that will have -200°C in the night, or Jupiter; the biggest planet in the galaxy. From all space objects in this galaxy, Earth is the only planet to be lived for living creature because it has water and oxygen.
There are many researches about space. The developed countries like USA, Russia, EU, and Japan have tried to created technology to know the secret of the universe. The space exploration projects are developed years by years. It’s Apollo 11 that brought Neil Amstrong to the Moon in 20 July 1969.
Neil Amstrong in the Moon
After the first step of human in the Moon, we constantly develop the technology to answer our curiousity. Human want to land their ship not only in the Moon. Carl Sagan is a scientist who made the Viking Lander probes which would land on Mars.
Carl Sagan and this project, Viking Lander
Fifteen years after Carl Sagan passed away in 1996, a company from the Netherlands came to answer Carl’s-and probably many people-question about living in the Mars. Is it possible to move and live in the Red planet?
This company, named Mars One, has a mission to establish a human settlement on the planet Mars in 2023. Mars One was built in 2011 by Bas Lansdorp, an enterpreneur from Netherlands with his passion to science. He received support from scientists, engineers, businessmen and –women and aeropace companies from all over the world.
Road Map of Mars One from 2013 – 2025
Marieke Wagensvel, a communication specialist of Mars One who graduated from Utrecht University said “The technology to travel to Mars and build a base are already available. We should not wait for politicians to decide if we want to go to Mars, we should look at ourselves and see what we can do to make it possible.”
Design Mars One for human settlement in 2023
This project is a one way travel to Mars. In 2013, there is a selection to choose  40 people who will be traveled to Mars in 2023 and four astronauts who will be traveled  there to prepare the human settlement on the Mars in 2014. They will send more astronauts per two years. The application was opened last April and will be end this June. There are more than 78.000 applications to this project. That’s a huge number!
So, are you interested in applying to be the one who live in the Mars?
After all, the Netherlands is trying to show us their potential talent not just to be a pioneer in holticulture or creative industries, but also in the aerospace technology. Ten years from now, when we talk to Dutchmen, we will probably say“Hey, fly me to the Mars.”



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