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#495 Can You Be Yourself?

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By Tinnesia Martina

Netherlands with its capital city,Amsterdam .It has Economic growth in developing countries is now at the heart of the agenda for international cooperation, with greater use being made of Dutch know-how, including business sector expertise. Public-private partnerships, business instruments and economic diplomacy can lead to gains in both commercial profit and poverty reduction.One of developed countries in the world.

One of the effects is this country has been the destination from many people around the world.There are many immigrants have been naturalized to be Dutch.But still there are some cultures  and appearances that make the difference among the society.This multicultural fact has made the distance among society,it is called the discrimination.

With or without we realize this problem has taken on serious stage.It makes us become difficult to work on together with other races.The government of Netherland has been thinking to solve this problem .In June 2009,a national campaign to combat discrimination was launched .The tagline was “Do you have to leave yourself at home when you go outside? “

It is the freedom that has been declared that we can express ourselves in everyway through the good activities.No matter who you are,or where you come from.The Netherlands is the first country in Europe that settled these matters by law.In 2009 the government started a cooperation agreement with the Union of Netherlands Municipalities (Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten)

New strict integration policy was installed in October 2010 by the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations (immigration,integration,and Asylum Policy).A national electronic signposting system that brings together  risk signal of youth.

Police,judicial authorities,and social workers work together from one location so-called  Safety House (Veiligheidshuizen) on tracking,prosecution,and assistance.This is such a brilliant idea,where the government cares about the next generation,its problem.The discrimination cant be solved if there is not a willing to work on together.We have been thought that separation will bring nothing to our country.






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