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#445 Submarines, The Silent Hunter

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By Dinisa Diah Winari

As we all know, more than 65 percent of the earth’s surface were covered by seas. That’s why, lots of  human activity ranging from peaceful trading to chaotic wars were conducted here at sea.

At the early 1600s, the nations of Europe started to realize that its advancement at seas would be an absolute terms for the nation’s glory and wealth.


Great Britain, French, Germany and another European countries started their race to build the strongest navy across the globe. Great Britain, as the only archipelago nation on Europe felt that it should create the best navy to protect its operations which mostly at seas.

James the 1st, King of England at the time, thought that his country would easily won the war if  British ships cannot be seen by their opponents. This means that his ships should be sailed underwater. So, James invite the engineers from all across Europe to develop such kind of ship for him.

A Dutch engineer, Cornelius Drebbel was able to fulfill the king’s need. He created a vehicle that shaped like church’s bell and can navigate underwater. This ship was propelled by oars that can be controlled from inside the vessel.


Nowadays, submarine has become standard equipments for most navy in the world. There are also several types of submarines such as attacking submarine, destroyer submarine and nuclear submarine. The sizes are also varied. There is a submarine that stretched 60-70 meters up to almost 200 meters long for nuclear submarines.


The utilization for submarines were not only limited for military purpose. There are also several submarines that used for oil and gas exploration, offshore service and tourism purpose.


Despite of its several use, all submarines have several advantages over the surface ships. The most significant advantage is its ability to operate even on the worst weather conditions. Nowadays, there were thousands of submarines that spread all across the globe that can be operated normally even on the worst storm.



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