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#427 Being Creative: The Innovative Creativity of the Dutch

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By Iswati

The Netherlands is best known for its tulips, windmills and clogs.
Sixteen and a half million of the Dutch live in 41,526 square km. That makes the Netherlands one of the most densely populated countries in the world.
There was an Old Dutch saying: “While God Created the Earth, the Dutch created the Netherlands”. Two-third of the Netherlands is at, or below the sea level and vulnerable to flooding. During the age-long battle against the water, the Dutch have become very innovative when it comes to keeping out the water. They have built the dykes, canals, windmills and watermills and as of such the Dutch are renowned for their famous water engineering projects. They also help countries around the world protect themselves for water. Furthermore, the Dutch expertise is now being put to use in New Orleans (U.S) after the disaster caused by hurricane Katrina to protect it from future flooding.
The Dutch are also known for their tolerant and pragmatic attitude and although a small country, Holland is open to the world. Their key to be successful is cooperating with other countries. The Netherlands is home for international student due to their openness and tolerance of different cultures. Today, more than 160 different nationalities live in Holland. The Netherlands was also the first country in Europe to offer courses taught in English. Higher education in Holland has worldwide reputation for its high quality.
The creative sector of the Netherlands is world famous for its innovative idea. That is maybe because their way of teaching and problem solving. Creativity became an important role in Dutch society. A student is challenged to solve and to think out of the box as well as working together and sharing knowledge. That was the reason why the Netherlands has so many pioneers. Studying in the Netherlands offer the students the space to become a pioneer, be creative and get connected with the outside the world.
The Netherlands is a world leader in the subjects of art and culture. They have had many well-known painters, philosophers, writers and architects. Their culture is rich and diverse, it reflects regional and international influence which defines the Dutch spirit. Who doesn’t know Rembrandt, one of the greatest painters in European Art History or the most significant Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh? Find out their impressive architecture by visiting their city such as; Amsterdam being one of the jewels of Europe, Rotterdam is best known for its modern architecture and design, or there’s Utrecht as one of the oldest Dutch cities in the country.

Holland has proven to be a true pioneer for discovering innovative solutions to everyday problem. Lately, Dutch designers and engineers have been pioneering to help make cycling safer. And now, a Dutch design firm is creating a smart highway that glow in the dark. The Dutch keep shining with their innovative ideas for a better future for everyone. Unsurprisingly, the Netherlands stands out for its great inventiveness.


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