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#423 Come to Maastricht on spring! Be the witness of world’s greatest art fair

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By Lina Noviandari



When people talk about Dutch, they mostly talk about its technology or its invention, its football or maybe its flowers. They may have not realized that beside its great invention on technology, Dutch is the pioneer of the world’s greatest art and antiques fair, TEFAF Maastricht.

The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) is an annual art fair in Maastricht, Netherlands. First held in 1975 with a name ‘Pictura Fine Art Fair’, every spring, TEFAF turns Maastricht into a destination for highly-regarded art dealers, museum directors and art collectors, art curators as well as people who appreciate the extraordinary collection of masterpieces. Through TEFAF, visitors can enjoy and buy the old master paintings, classical modern and temporary art, jewelry, 20th century design, works on paper and many more. In 2013 exhibition, which held from 15th-24th March, there are more than 266 dealers from 20 countries join at TEFAF with three thousands artifacts and art works worth billions. Involving approximately 175 international experts in 29 different categories, who examine the quality and authenticity of every artwork, TEFAF Maastricht has a reputation of unrivaled standards and quality. With its credibility, this year’s TEFAF amazingly attracts around 70,000 visitors.

a visitor at TEFAF

Its great success give an initiative for TEFAF to spread their wings to Asia. Collaborating with Sotheby’s, TEFAF plan to hold a TEFAF at China in 2014. It is a great leap for Dutch to grow the market for European art in China as well as to build a strong relationship between those two countries.

Patrick van Maris – Senior Director Global Initiatives Sothebys, Patti Wong – Chairman Sothebys Asia, Ben Janssens – Chairman TEFAF Photo: Pieter de Vries

As a commitment on artworks, TEFAF creates a project called TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund. This project aims to give contributions to the conservation of artworks by giving support financially to the selected museum for restoration project. Besides projects relating to artworks, TEFAF also concern on other matters such as health, humanity and so forth by holding various charity events in some countries.

Through TEFAF, Dutch creatively see the potential of art markets as well as appreciate the masterpieces of art itself. Besides, this event can also promote Dutch especially Maastricht as a place where people can find credible masterpieces. As a result, by the art-dealing and tourism, it can increase the economic barometer of its country. Later, in the late evening, people will not only talk about Dutch’s invention but also its concerns and world’s greatest event on arts.




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