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#421 “Red Planet Pioneer”, New World History of Dutch

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Oleh Ayu Rahayu

“Living on Mars may sound like impossible, but for Dutch, it is possible”
Earth as our home which until now we stayed, continues to experience damage. It is caused by humans are destroying the environment of earth. Earth is more dense population which spread across the continents. Total amount of the Earth’s population has reached six billion, and this number will increase along with the development of technology. Population growth will result in environmental damage such as Global Warming. It will cause a lot of fear in people about the future of this earth. And many people think, is there any place other than earth to be habitable?
We need another place which capable supporting life like on earth.
Dutch is never stopped uncover a new knowledge. Currently, Dutch are on mission where human on earth can migrate to Mars as next place habitable, it is called Mars One. Dutch plans to land human on Mars in April, 2023 as the beginning of life in Mars. This project has a background to explore outer space as a home to live other than Earth. It was first initiated by Gerard’t Hooft, an ambassador for Mars One. Why Should Mars?
The solar system has ten planets. Based on several studies have shown that Mercury and Venus are too hot because it’s close to the sun. Jupiter is uninhabitable because it is composed by gas. Saturnus, Uranus, and Neptunus are too cold because far from the sun. There’s only one possibility namely Mars (Red Planet).
Creating a new life on Mars is not easy, several steps will be taken to achieve it. The first step is Mars One will launch a communication satellite and a supply mission in 2016. The second is send a large rover to the Mars in 2018. The third is launch equipment life support and another rover in 2020. And then the first human will be arrived in 2023.
Dutch is currently preparing a vehicle to get to Mars. They plan to launch many components Falcon Heavy Rocket. It is still in development.
Currently, Mars One is providing applications for anyone who wants to inhabit the Red Planets.  The ticket cost about US$ 38. And then the Mars One will launch to identify the suitable colonist. Human who go to the Mars will live there for the rest of their lives because they only have one way ticket. It means, they can’t come back to the earth. Dutch will build the remarkable new history and a new civilization on Mars. It is a remarkable discovery for establishing new life in another planet. The megaproject is not easy and can’t be done by other countries.
A life in Mars will appear, and Dutch is early Red Planet pioneer.
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