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#409 God creates the earth, the Dutch creates Netherlands

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By Angel Berta Desi Suryanti


About 2000 years ago, before the invention of man, Netherlands was covered by extensive peat swamps. How can we imagine, how hard the Dutch working to form the land just like now and being survive for over the years from the water?
That’s work make the Dutch as the best and the first pioneer in water engineering. How they can develop and defense the land from water are the greatest invention in the world.
Many engineers and researchers are born in Netherlands and many of the techniques and methods are being implemented in Netherlands just to avoid the land from water. Let us say our country Indonesia. Many engineers were studied in Netherland and implemented the water engineering like dam construction in Indonesia afterward.
The history of the 1953 flood in February, Netherlands made the biggest and the greatest water engineering ever done. It is called Delta Works. This project has being the main role of the controlling water. There are many parts of this project. But the aim of this project is protecting the land from the water. And this is no kidding because the government really invests all the money into it.
(I am no one with the water engineering background, but I do understand how this thing made the project as a mega project in the world).
And the recently innovation that Netherlands made is the sand motor (Sand Engine).This is an innovative method for coastal protection. This is a huge volume of sand that has been applied along the coast of Zuid-Holland in 2011. And by natural driven force like winds, waves and currents they will shape it naturally in order to can be fully incorporated into dunes and beach. By that the barrier of the water from the sea is stronger and making the people lives safer.
The facts that Netherlands defeats the nature proof that the Dutch works hard to create a land. And that’s really inspiring working that all over world will admire on it. The spirits that they put on it, the hearts that they are working with it is the “everything” that makes Netherlands the creator of their own land.




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