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#369 A Research and Technology, the Key Roles of Dutch Superiority

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By Rafika Rabba Farah

 Recognizing the word “Dutch”, Indonesian people may turn to be skeptics for several centuries ago—due to the long period of colonialism—but not for today. In this recent years, Dutch has been demonstrated convincingly its powers in several aspects of life, the most visible are due to endless research and technology; these two areas play a significant role.
What do you have in mind looking at this picture?
One of the buildings in Netherlands which is surrounded by water
You may see water, a building, and a flag. Yes, you are right to guess; this picture of building is located in Dutch. Then, what is in your mind? The picture above is the proof that Dutch has been successful to spend hard time wrestling with water; the big enemy of the country ever. How to fight against the enemy? Dutch is always constant to do the research to have such a great water management which today has inspired many countries to do the similar role.
In fact, when New Orlen was messed up due to Catrina storm, America asked Dutch scientist to renovate the country. Recognizing Dutch’s superiority, America, super power country in the world, learns how to do water management from Dutch. Besides, this demonstration also attracts Dubai, the United Arab Emirates to do a spectacular mega project of ‘Palm Jumeriah’ island in which dam up the flow of Persia Ocean waterway. Indeed, through persistent in doing research and developing technology, today Dutch has been acknowledged as the real pioneer of water management.
In addition, the agricultural sector shows how research and technology work on it. The University of Wageningen has been decided as a research center, one of them is in agriculture. A research is indeed an investment for them; without any researches they are nothing. For instance, for several centuries—after the world war two—Dutch has been aware from being buried, they were in unstable economy. Through research they prove the world that they make some innovations in a lot of sectors, especially in agriculture area. In accordance with this, now agriculture sector has gained world’s attention because this sector is able to prop up 20 percents of country’s economy.
A modern and a creative agriculture in Netherlands; tulip flowers
Interestingly, Netherlands today is categorized as one of modern agriculture countries. Definitely, it all happens because Dutch applies integrated and sophisticated technology. For example, when it is summer, Dutch applies solar cell system in greenhouse that functions to get thermal energy then to be saved in the reservoir and rivers underground. The effort is done to raise the water temperature. Thus, in winter, they will not worry to keep running on the agriculture work because they had already saved the energy, so, they can easily manipulate the indoor climate. How gorgeous the Dutch are!
The above short and brief description concludes surely that research and technology has decided Netherlands where to go. Thus, the cool innovations which are done become the inspiration for the neighborhood countries; then Dutch is indeed the real pioneer ever.

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