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#323 Be a Pioneer and Be Creative in Dutch

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by Nurafni Ramadaniah
The Netherlands is a country located on the continent of Europe. It is Famous with windmill and dam system. Dam system has made the Dutch State safe from major flooding and ocean storms that often hit the country. One of the biggest modern work as the implementation of dam system is Atsluitdjik system. It is located along 32 miles of straight-plate with length is 90 m. It looks like the line that separates the sea.
In the past, Netherland had born many scientists who have gotten some noble in economic, physic, chemistry, peace, physiology, or health. It makes many students in the whole world come to Netherland and study in this Orange country. This is also because the government offers big support in education by giving a slogan with title is “be pioneer and creative”.
Education system in the Dutch is different from other countries in the world. The education system in Netherland is determining based on talents and interests of students who have been determined when the student is still a common education. This is an important factor which makes the quality of education in the Netherlands that can produce human resources that can contribute to the development of the Dutch State and the world.

Yogi Ahmad Erlangga as the one who can solve the Helmholtz is one of the students from Indonesia who graduated from Delft University of Technology (DUT) in Netherland. He can find the Helmholtz which is used in the process of seismic data become faster. It becomes good news for oil companies because this method has been proven as the faster and usable. Because of his finding, Yogi Ahmad Erlangga got Bakrie Award. It is an award for them who have given big contribution for Indonesia.

The example of Yogi’s success have proven the fact that government of Netherland always cares and supports a good quality and cheap education  in order to birth more critical scientist  who can make useful work for the people in the world.


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