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#293 Oven, Dutch It!

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By Ahmad Fajar

Netherlands is not only home to the best cheeses in the world or beautiful and colorful tulips. The region where wooden windmills have spotted along its landscape for hundreds of years is also the origin of the worldwide-known trademark holders, such as Unilever and Philips. Have been properly recognized for decades, Unilever and Philips have indeed many strengths in their respective industries. Unilever and Phillips’s relentless innovation in terms of products and services further strengthen their presence as Dutch trademarks that are not only successful in their own country, but almost in all over the world.
Dutch pioneering in the industries is not only limited to that alone. Call it the reputable canal of Amsterdam, floating house, and glow in the dark highway, and much more. However, this somehow makes talking about Dutch pioneering seems to be endless. One of Dutch pioneering to be reckoned with is the Dutch oven.
Dutch Oven (Image Courtesy of The Hallbillies)
Back in during the late 17th century, Netherlands was already famous for its metal cooking vessels, and once exported it to the UK. Many people were curious about the Dutch system used in the Dutch oven.  Until finally, Abraham Darby, an Englishman, deliberately went to the Netherlands to study its manufacturing. This is what is believed to be the forerunner of the Dutch oven to be known in the UK, even in America, because after studying the manufacturing for four years, Darby produces Dutch oven for his country and their colonies. Nevertheless, the term “Dutch oven” has endured for over 300 years until now.
Dutch Oven Using Charcoal  (Image Courtesy of Campmaster)

Although not so widely discussed, Dutch oven has apparently been existing or happening in all parts of the world for hundreds of years. Has been widely used for baking, stewing, frying, and roasting, the Dutch oven is indeed loved because of its versatility, extremely convenient and safe. Better known as an outdoor cooking stuff, (despite the fact that it also can be used indoor for certain types), Dutch oven is fairly comfortable to use for the purpose of camping or other emergency like when there is no gas or electricity, because the Dutch oven can be used with charcoal which are easy to store, not dangerous in any way.

Traditionally made of iron material, Dutch oven is specifically designed with an even heating surface and a lid that is designed for charcoal placing, so that it helps to keep the heat cook evenly. Thus, it lets you reduce the cooking time because it sustains the heat longer. In addition, it can also be used as food storage because of its ability to store heat longer. Could be used at almost all cooking activities, both indoor and outdoor, Dutch oven is best choice for all needs, especially when running out of gas or electricity.References


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