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#283 Education as the Pillar

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Oleh Shelia Anjarani

When I wrote this essay for Kompetiblog, my mind was thinking about “What are we without education?” since my major is education, so the thing called education really concerns me. I want to dig more about what is the crucial thing behind many great inventions from Dutch. By this writing, I want all of us can learn about the education in developed country (in this case – Dutch), how education can educate the people there and how education in Dutch can create and develop many pioneer of inventions for the better future of human race.

Dutch is one of developed countries which have proven that education plays a crucial role to get to live in this modern era. Talking about Dutch educational system, schools in Netherlands offer high-quality education. The philosophy behind Dutch education reflects Dutch society and aims to encourage students to be open-minded and able to think and learn in a creative manner. Education in Dutch creates the character of the people there. Through education, they are not only getting the knowledge but also the character building. Overall I can say knowledge as the power through education. The people also aware about their children’s education because they know exactly that their children are the holding part of the country.

A UNICEF study (2007) showed that Dutch children are the happiest children in the industrialized world. Based on recent research into the state of Dutch education, the quality of education in Netherlands is high and in satisfactory level. Students are performing their capacities and potential. The schools also dig more the student’s capacity. They teach what the student’s need. Education is seen as a crucial tool to combat social inclusion, poverty, and marginalization. Everyone gets the equal education in Dutch. One of the things which are good from Dutch is about the equality and equity of education. Almost all pupils (5-14 years old) are participating in education. Teachers in Dutch have the best insights in pupils’ needs and capacities and educational policy provides schools with a lot of rooms to decide on teaching and learning approaches. Schools have a large amount of freedom to organize the curriculum that it responds to the diversity of their learners, in this case, the diversity of the student’s capability.

Young people are crucial for shaping of the future. They can develop their full potential. This is one thing that Dutch government knows well. They build the character and knowledge through high education there. No wonder if there are many inventions come from Dutch like technology, scientific instruments, transportation and so on.

What we can learn from many discoveries in Dutch is what actually pushes Dutch people to discover many new things, the answer is education. We can say education in Dutch as the first pillar to create high educated people. Many other countries can learn how Dutch educate the people, the moral and knowledge as well. 


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