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#255 Dutch in Great Ideas Made of Wood

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By Annisa Cahyani Putri

Netherlands is a country with abundant ideas of its studious people, who are called “Dutch”. Their scrupulous and casehardened nature makes Netherlands admitted as sophisticated country by utilizing disadvantages into new innovations. Many Dutch’s handmades are prominent and continuously developed. Dutch people have used simple material for the centuries in making creative and beneficial things with the deep sureness. The most simple question is: Is there any correlations between Dutch and wood? And the answer is surely and absolutely “Yes”. Some Dutch innovations are made of wood. As we know that wood has long been used as an artistic medium for hundreds of thousands of years. The Dutch cultural historian Johan Huizinga demonstrated in Homo Ludens: A Study of the Play Element in Culture, that play elements exist in such widely different activities as law, war, art, philosophy, and poetry.  Let’s talk about it !

Firstly, from the fashion view, we have small things known as typically Dutch are klompen. These wooden shoes have been popular in the Netherlands for about 800 years. The oldest wooden shoes come from the Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam. These wooden shoes are from the year 1230. These are also made of alder wood. Alder wood is fine wood that has soft characteristic which makes it possible to be carved easily. That’s why Holland can produce 3 million pairs of klompen every year. So, they become one of Netherland’s substantial income sources. Such a great thing isn’t it?

On the other hand, Dutch people also have so many creations in transportation which metamorphose into modern form. In marine transportation, Netherlands has Cornelis Drebbel with the most phenomenal work was definitely the submarine. In 1620, he made the first “rudimentary” submarine. He had a wooden row boat that had a wooden hull wrapped tightly in waterproofed leather. His row boat was the first to answer the question of air replenishment underwater. This invention brings to more advanced one that looks modern.

Wood innovation continuous in the best Dutch creation, that’s “Dutch Design Architecture”. Most of Dutch Architecture connects with local history and customs as well as residents produces an exciting interplay of recognition and astonishment.  Dutch architecture begins with an intensive observation of local conditions, traditions, crafts, and even folklore. By exposing elements of these to universal and contemporary global influences, fresh combinations of the familiar architecture make people love to see it. Unique road bridge in Sneek was built with the contour that reminisces the traditional cheese-cover farmhouses in Friesland, while the construction reflects a building expertise that is still present in abundance in the historic town. The bridge is made from Accoya wood, an acetylated timber (modified Radiata Pine). Wood acetylation is a new and sustainable process that renders wood almost entirely resistant to decay.

So, by looking at some Dutch ideas made of wood we can reflect ourselves to change our thought that traditional things always bring our life more advanced, but advanced life still needs traditional view to make better life.




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