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#117 Innovative Numismatic by Royal Dutch Mint


By Agusmia Putri Haerani

There are two souvenirs that always remind me of my short visit in the capital city of Netherlands. The first one is Amsterdam refrigerator magnet which is an ordinary souvenir. But the Bath coin as Dutch souvenir, it’s absolutely a distinct one. Probably, we’ve heard about some delinquent tourists that use to swap their resembling coins with euro coins. Well, maybe this little gift from a bakery shopkeeper shows me how Dutch people value their money, nevertheless the mint (coin).

Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt or Royal Dutch Mint is the only Dutch entity owned by the Dutch State that is privileged to strike and give out coins since 1807. However, the entity which is located in Utrecht was originally established in 1567. It also produces royal medals, memorial and collection coins, both official and unofficial.


Recently, one of Royal Dutch Mint’s innovation has been awarded as Coin of The Year 2013 by Krause Publication which is best known as its Standard Catalog of World Coin. As The First QR Code in numismatics, it makes this 5 €URO silver coin absolutely unique. Indeed, its QR code can be deciphered by android phones and smart phones. Moreover, this innovation had been already created two years ago to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Dutch Mint in Utrecht.

The design of this remarkable 5 €URO silver mint combines both royal tradition and innovation of technology and minting techniques. The front side depicts Queen Beatrix who had abdicated her throne as the Dutch head of State to her son Prince Willem-Alexander. Her minting figure was surrounded by Dutch architectural buildings. As the reversed side is the QR code concealed as the goblet.

When representing the innovative mint masteers at Royal Dutch Mint who had created this 5 €URO to receive the trophy, Maarten Brouwer asked the audience of World Money Fair 2013 to spread an inspiring message about coins. “The coin is more than a metal with a picture on it. Coin is a language, a language of many years, all centuries behind us, and the centuries that align ahead of us,” cited from Marteen Brouwer. This message shows the dedication of mint masteers at Royal Dutch Mint which make them to be the pioneer of numismatic in the world.





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2 thoughts on “#117 Innovative Numismatic by Royal Dutch Mint

  1. Great article about how tradition meets technology 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed it 😉

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