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#044 Small But Big, It’s Named Netherland

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Oleh Ikhsan Bani Bukhori 

Netherland?  What do you think about a small country located in the side of north sea? Yeah, it’s a small but a big country too.  If we look at location so we will judge as a small one, but if we look from other sides, for example football and dam, I guess we will say that Netherland is a big country. Marvelous, interesting and wonderful!! Netherland has a wide of 42,679 km2, which no wider than East Java. With approximately 16 millions citizens, much then Indonesian, they colonized many countries, included Indonesia. It’d happened and now we have to learn much precisely from them.

When we’re talking about football, netherland has a great football team. Do you know Ruud Gullit, Marco van Basten and Robin van Persie? It sounds similar on our live especially for who likes to watch football. They were a champions of Europe on 1988 in Euro Cup held in Germany. Their football fans are very fanatic and always show pride of nationality color, which is orange. Ajax Amsterdam, Feyenoord Rotterdam and PSV Eindhoven are the best club of Netherland.

In addition to football, Netherland was popular for bike. We can ride a bike with a comfortable area because government has provided special track to ride. If you know, number of citizen is fewer than bicycle. In accordance with statistic, each of Dutch has more than one bicycle. Dutch was aware of health so riding bike is better even healthier for them than driving a car or other transportations.

As a one of developed country, Netherland was built from dams. Actually it lies beneath sea level and surprisingly the Dutch are able to build their country in that condition.  They rubbed shore down and pilled up with land or dam so the area would be larger. But danger always threat anytime because if the dams cracked then the land will be flooded because sea level is much higher. Dutch’s proverb said “God created whole World, but not for Netherland because we built it by ourselves”. It seems very greedy for us to hear that. It’s no doubt when they dried shore and lake then filled with a land to be dwindled. It’s called reclamation. They had processed it since decades ago.


Along the time running, global warning’s effect causes a raise of sea level slowly, which is protection of land should be improved continually. This condition makes them to be master of water management system. Nowadays we can say that Netherland is a buddy of sea.  It could be a great experience for those who studies water management system to learn.

We can reach a huge number of knowledge that could be applied in Indonesia. Indonesia have a harmonic affair with Netherland, so this is our chance to study there.


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