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#028 Furniture, One of Dutch Creative Industries

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by Endang Ghani Ashfiya

If we look at the development of the creative industry today, the Dutch worth dubbed as one of the country rich in creative industries. Evidenced by the Dutch entry into one of the 10 most creative also the biggest exporter in the world. One of the creative industries sector there since the first time is the furniture sector.

Creative industries in the field of furniture has been around since the 17th century. At which time the Dutch furniture is very recognizable and it shows how a small country can be so great. In a short time the Dutch could be transformed from a relatively unimportant state to the country where the economic value, the art and science to be highly regarded.

In the first decades of the 18th century, the northern Netherlands has their own characteristic in their interior decoration. The characteristic was furniture veneered with stained burr wood. This decorative technique was very popular, the well known two door linen cabinet on a stand and the early long case clock. The burr veneer on cabinet was used on both doors, the sides, and the sheet of veneer were randomly pieced together depending on the dimension of the burr growth.  After that, the other traditions in south Netherland furniture, appeared in the late 18th century, the furniture from Liege to use indegenous burr veneer in architectural marquetry scenes, but just a well in purely abstract geometric design.

These characteristics became its own characteristics, which in turn was able to affect the designs that appear in neighboring countries. For example, some of the characteristics that exist on the furniture in the northern German that appears at the beginning of the 18th century was very familiar with the Dutch furniture designs that emerged earlier. Likewise furniture design that emerged in England in the 18th century in the period of William and Mary shows many similarities with the Dutch design that has emerged in the previous century.

These creative industries has been emerged in the golden age of Netherland. During the golden age, the enormous economic prosperity present the beauty of Dutch arts. Their legacies still can be enjoyed today such as the beautiful houses along the canals, the impressive  church design, and the other beautiful building in Netherland.

Supported by their geographical positions was very favourable, situated on a crossing point of commercial roads. That’s why since 1600 Amsterdam had become the central staple market for commodities for all European countries. On the other sides, the most manifestation of Dutch during their golden age is the art. They had many great artist, painters, architects, who performed their respective roles in build their creativity. Prosperous society and economy as well as the arts had risen to a sudden and high flowering.


Reinier Baarsen, An Introduction to Dutch 17th-Century Furniture


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